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Our future is in innovative approaches within all business processes

Our future is in innovative approaches within all business processes

Pharmaceuticals all over the world have become a leader in innovations. The speed of innovation processes in the pharmaceutical industry has increased several times precisely due to the development of high technologies. As a result, medicines are becoming more affordable for consumers. This statement belongs to the Chairman of the Darnytsia Group company Dmytro Shymkiv. The announcement, made by the Board of Directors and its Chairman precisely, took place during the European Business Association conference called Innovation Day. A discussion of this was also posted on the EBA YouTube channel, which can be easily watched again if there is a need.

He stressed that Moderna, which developed the Covid-19 vaccine, can easily perform mRNA sequencing in record time during the event. According to him, Moderna sequenced the mRNA vaccine in just two days. It is an impressive result that cannot be underestimated. This fact claims that, despite the short terms of work and stressful circumstances, the pharmaceutical industry is currently capable of accomplishing even the most difficult tasks in almost no time.

In Ukraine, the use of high technologies in the development of both pharmacies and businesses makes it possible to reduce the final cost of drugs for consumers, which sometimes cannot be paid for by people who really need it. This is an important matter to consider. So, the companies that can affect the financial expenses usually account for what they can do in order to make the price go downwards.

«If we talk about Ukraine, we should pay attention to the creation of generics with proven efficacy equal to the original drugs. These are innovations associated with combined drugs when the patient takes not 10 tablets, but one, and once a day, and not several. This is one of the many innovative processes that take place in generic pharmaceuticals. Innovations are quite often present in all processes. Today, a company that does not develop in unexplored areas is considered already dead. It cannot move ahead. Thus, innovations penetrate all aspects of Darnytsia’s activities and allow to optimize processes in various spheres, including security, continuity, data processing, and rapid decision-making», said the Chairman.

Adding context to the situation should be said that Darnytsia announced that it annually invests possible resources in developing and researching more than 10% of gross revenues. To date, the pharmaceutical company has already invested more than 235 million euros in innovations.

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