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Chocolates "Pure gold"


Production of the confectionery products: chocolate sweets, boxes of chocolates, mini chocolates, weighted and packaged sweet-stuff, chocolate gift boxes, candy, dragee.

Mini chocolates per 15 g. With a soft creamy filling and with the flavors of: "Cappuccino", "Coffee", Coconut, "Irish cream", "Walnut",Vanilla and chocolates of the rectangular form in the confectionery glaze with the praline filling and with thew taste of "Peanut paste".

Energy value : 549 kCal / 2250 kJ

The weight : 220 g

The nutritional values:

4.8 g - proteins

34.7 g - fat

57.6 g - carbohydrates

Today the main trend of the company is the production of the chocolate sweets and dragee from the high-quality ingredients that do not have the artificial additives. This approach to production allows the customer to enjoy the delicious sweets and be confident in the naturalness of the product!

All our products has the international quality certificates ISO 22000: 2005.

The high quality and delicious taste of our sweets is the continuous work of the real professionals. When manufacturing we use only the approved ingredients - a glaze of own manufacture, the stuffings which have passed the strict technological development and testing. Our confectionery products always have a wonderful taste, which finds a response in the heart of the consumer. We control both the manufacturing process at all stages and the quality of the finished products.

The geography of the sales of our products: European countries, Hong Kong, China, USA, Argentina, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Finland, France, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden.

Сайт: bestsweet.ru/en
Телефон: +7 499 480 06 16, +7 985 159 15 03

Chocolates "Pure gold"

Chocolates "Pure gold"

Chocolates "Pure gold"

Chocolates "Pure gold"